North Korea has many environmental issues. Cultivation, logging, and natural disasters have all put pressure on North Korea’s forests. During the economic crisis of the 1990s, deforestation accelerated, as people turned to the woodlands to provide firewood and food. This in turn has led to soil erosion, soil depletion, and increased risk of flooding. What was once miles upon miles of dense forest are know barren lands as almost all of the forests in North Korea are destroyed. This is hard for many farmers, who rely on their growth to feed themselves and there family.  ¨The landscape is just basically dead,¨ said Dutch soil scientist Joris van der Kamp. “Its a difficult condition to live in, to survive.¨ ¨This will most likely lead to an environmental collapse which could destabilize the entire country.” added Kamp. Now even the well supplied Army of North Korea is running low on resources as well as the capital Pyongyang which is running low on resources.Image result for north korea barrenImage result for north korea barren