People have changed Turkey’s environment in many ways.There has been a lot of deforestation (as industrialization occurs), over fishing, and factories that produce pollution that affects air quality and marine life. The government of Turkey is building dams and hydro and nuclear power plants in an attempt to make Turkey become an economic world leader. This causes interference with nature as these man made inventions interrupt the natural habitats.

A dam in Turkey

Turkey’s environment also affects the Turkish people in several ways. Turkey is very mountainous. Because of this, people have had to adapt to the mountains and find ways to transport themselves and goods from one place to another. Large tunnels have been built through the mountains to allow people to travel faster. The mountains often bring cold weather and Turkish people have to wear warm clothes and protect their skin from the harsh temperatures that the mountains bring. The mountainous terrain also limits people’s ability to farm and produce crops. The people are forced to find ways to get food for their families and jobs other than farming.

Winter clothing adaptation in Turkey


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How environment affects people’s lives in Turkey-

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How people have changed Turkey’s environment

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